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Summiting Stevens Peak

November 02, 2016

Summiting Stevens Peak

Our new friends over at MTN Talk have been working with us to bring you some true PNW adventures. We are pumped to be working with a great blog and even better guys. As they travel around the Northwest we will be outfitting them with our gear and bringing you the beautiful results. Check out their blog with the button below and make sure to follow them on social for more great posts.

Today's excursion is up to Stevens Peak, ID. Josh made his way up to the summit with the help of some friends and our PNW Owl Beanie. Here is an excerpt from his write-up... "Steven, Andrew and I, made our way up the to Lower Stevens Lake to catch the sunrise. We then reached this sweet valley filled with luscious yellow, orange and red colored leaves, that took our breath away and left us in awe any direction we looked. We engulfed our minds, bodies and souls with these stunning views and continued onward." For more of the story and more photos check out their site by hitting that button to the left. Keep an eye out for more trips like this very soon!

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