Idaho Camping Essentials Sticker Sheet

CDA IDAHO Clothing Company

We hope you enjoy our first themed sticker sheet as much as we enjoyed making it. Every sticker on this sheet is hand picked as a sticker that is complimentary to not only camping in Idaho, but to each other in relation to size and color.

This sticker sheet offers a larger format of sticker than our previous first generation sticker sheet. This sheet is laminated for outdoor protection and enhanced color vibrance.

These stickers are great for your car, your water bottle and make a great gift. The overall sticker sheet is 8.75" wide by 5.5" tall.


  • Idaho Bacon - 4" length
  • Idaho Hatchet - 4" length
  • Idaho Bonfire - 3" length
  • 208 Oval - 3" length
  • Idaho Bus - 2.5" length
  • CDA IDAHO Logo - 1.5" length
  • Lantern - 3" length

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